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TCM Rehab Clinic is an integrated Chinese Acupuncture clinic and mainly focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced one generation after another for more than two thousand years, it possesses its own theory and methods. With different understanding about the diseases, it brings people different healing modus. Due to TCM philosophy is broad and profound, a real TCM practitioner would have to devote their vigor into knowledge improvement continuously, keep trying to make progress in helping people live stronger and healthier. It is hoped that such personalized care based on individual differentiation may benefit to approaching the goal. 

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We will directly bill your insurance company. And will get it cover in a matter of seconds.


Our practitioners have more than 20 years of experience and have knowledge of both Western Medicine and TCM

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Health and Wellness

Our Greatest happiness is seeing patients getting better and better! We believe in personalized care makes a different

Why TCM Rehab Clinic

TCM Rehab Clinic

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