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Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha? 

Gua Sha, is also known as Skin Scraping, it is one of the Traditional Chinese Medicinal therapy.  Based on the TCM theory of dermal parts, people in ancient China started to use Ox horn or jade scraping related skin area in order to dredge the channel and invigorate blood circulation and eliminate stasis.


Along with the deep understanding about Gua Sha and evolution of Gua Sha skills,  Gua Sha is becoming more popular and vast used in modern China.   

Detailed explanation about the skin color changes after Gua Sha therapy implies corresponding etiology, pathogenesis and symptom can be found in Feng Kui Zhang's book " Shang Shu Quan Shu", a Chinese Medicine master in Ming Dynasty. As we learnt that toxicant and negative evil pathogen invade human body through skin, nose and mouth, skin is the first defending door of human body, the longer the pathogen stays in our body the more toxin accumulate, also serious stagnation will form, thereby Qi and Blood obstruction occur. At this point, we use Gua Sha tool to dip Gua Sha oil, scrap affected skin area or related meridian point repeatedly. This positive stimulation on typical area make skin produce congestive  dots, which lead to ameliorate microcirculation, eventually achieve the goals of dispelling evil pathogen, dredging the channel, nourishing ligament and regulating Qi, removing wind cold, clearing heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation and so on.  

Gua Sha for beauty 

Gua Sha can be used in any part of body, while facial Gua Sha is a bit different from body Gua Sha, it also promote blood circulation, dredging the channel, but do not produce skin congestive dots. The main purpose of facial Gua Sha are face lifting, face slim, minify skin pores, purify skin, diminish freckles or blemish chloasma by using proper facial beauty Gua Sha technique.


Based on holographic theory, we may also add other body part treatment accordingly to help correct the problem existing in your body. during the session of facial Gua Sha. 

Gua Sha for body pain 

As we mentioned above, Gua Sha can be used in any part of body, the only difference is with different body part we use different technique, with different problem we select different meridian and points. 


In TCM Rehab Clinic, Gua Sha is usually combined with treatment, it could be used singly to relieve headache, stiff neck, back pain, muscle spasm, tension relieve,  Gua Sha on reflecting spot may also assist internal diseases, 

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