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Chinese Herb

Pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese herbal therapies has been played an irreplaceable role in treating diseases and health preservation in ancient China, it ages over 2500 years now. Countless Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and folk physicians  in the past dynasties practiced and collected precious experiences from using mostly plants, also animals and mineral substances to treat illness. It is an indelible  merits and achievements to make Chinese Medicine to form  and develop into very sophisticated and rational medicine system, which is influencing and being influenced by many other cultures and medicinal systems.   


Today Chinese medicine continues to develop in new and exciting ways and is utilized by millions of people around the world. 

Granular herbal tea 

Chinese herbal medicine is no longer too difficult to prepare.

An exciting high technology make our herbal medicine decoction easy to prepare and convenient to use. Chinese herbal extracts have been condensed into a granular or powdered form. It is efficiency and helps people to avoid missing dose, in the meantimes, it also helps TCM practitioners to customize prescription varies from person to person.

Granular herbal extracts are the primary form of herb available in TCM Rehab Clinic. 

Raw herb

Chinese herbs are usually prescribed in raw form, people need to soak herbal materials in cold water 15-30 mins before decocting. Add proper quantity of water into pottery pot to boil 30 mins to obtain about 200 ml for the 1st cooking, then re-add water to boil 15-20 minutes for the 2nd time cooking to obtain same amount of decoction, mix two decoctions together, finish drinking in 2 times in one day, or accordingly.  This is the most popular traditional method of preparing herbal decoction in ancient China and in the modern times. Decoction obtained from this method may give stronger effectiveness, but it also involves lengthy preparation and generate strong smell or aroma, it may tastes either unpleasant or bitter, it's up to the ingredients. The factors mentioned above might become the main reasons why the raw herb are not as widely accepted by people as the granular or patent form in western country.

Chinese patent medicine 

Chinese Patent medicines are premade in pill or tablet form, which are standardized herbal formulas. Chinese patent medicines are easy and convenient for patients to take. However they are not easy to customize on a patient to patient basis. It could be for long term use when a patient's condition is not severe.

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