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Moxibustion treatment availability time

To people who loves moxibustion: 
Due to moxa treatment may generate smoke, TCM Rehab Clinic have imported smoke purifying device, it decreases 60-70% smoke, however, we still encorage you to book your Moxibustion session in the weekend. There is no more available time for moxibustion during the week days.

Benefits of moxibustion 

 FemaleIrregular menstruation, cold womb, lower back pain after labor
 MaleImpotence, premature ejaculation
Joint issueFrozen shoulder, stiff neck, arthritis, osteoarthritis
DigestionColitis, diarrhea, cold somach and abdomen
Respiratory tractCough, sinusitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis
Subhealth:   Cold limbs, fatigue, weakness
Skin beautyGloomy skin color, chloasma, acnes

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Featured Products 

                Herbal Tea 

     for dark and gloomy skin

   Patent herbal pills

      for blood stasis 

Ning Xia Gou Ji

      place noted for Gou ji

   Wu Ji Bai Feng Wan

         promote qi and blood

Herbal tea 

            for insomnia


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